Queens Mens July 2016 - Fixture

Army Mens vs The Queens Club Mens

14 July Friendly Fixture

Many thanks to The Queen's Club London for hosting us. Our Army Mens team had

a fantastic evening which saw a number of close fought matches against the

prestigious Club in West Kensington.


Although the final result was a 7-2 loss, the matches played were all in great spirits where both teams finished off the evening with a beer along with some fish and

chips in the clubhouse afterwards. We look forward to the rematch next year!


Representing the Army in this Mens Fixture were the following players:


- Capt Ben Rogers RA

- Lt Tristan Williams RWELSH

- 2Lt Alex Hadcock TBC

- 2Lt Scott Sears RGR

- LCpl Dave Perry (REME)

- LCpl Taraman Gurung (AGC)


See photos below

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