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19 Apr 21


Covid-19 News

Resumption of Army sport 

** URGENT UPDATE on the Resumption of British Army Representative Sport Dated: 19 Apr 21 ABN: 036/2021** 
a. Resumption of Unit Sport. Training for sport at Unit level (authorised by the CO) is permitted locally outdoors from 29 Mar 21, but will be conditions-based and must be conducted iaw the latest Government, Devolved Administration (DA) and NGB guidelines and legislation and other Army Policy.
b. Resumption of Army Representative Sport. Following the easing of the lockdown, announced by the Prime Minister on 22 Feb 21, Army Representative Sports, which have been assessed as safe to do so, will resume from Step 3 of the Government Roadmap (CURRENTLY NOT BEFORE MAY 17).
Representative Sports. Sports that have Army HQ authority to resume at the representative level are contained within ABN 095/2020. They are authorised to resume and must conform with NGB guidelines and legislation. 
Prior to any Army Sport resuming activities, DASCB will require confirmation that the sport’s road map is or remains aligned to its respective NGB guidelines, this confirmation and DASCB approval MUST be secured before any representative fixture(s) or training session(s) are scheduled.
The resumption is authorised and communicated by Army HQ (Pers Pol (Army)), informed by the recommendation of Director ASCB (DASCB) and will be conditions-based. 
** Previously authorised sports can be found within ABN 095/2020. 
** Training at Representative sport level (authorised by the DASCB) cannot commence before the introduction of Step 3. (currently not before May 17)
All other details relating to COVID POC2 and records, accommodation, travel, safety, spectators, etc. can be found on Defence Connect  ABN: 036/2021
ALL SPORTS MUST have received authority to resume and have followed the necessary steps with Sport Assurance and authority for fixtures (Process shown below)
Points of Contact for ASCB Sport Secretaries.
Any further assistance required can be obtained from