Ladies $100k 'Canoe Lake - Southsea' Satellite Tournament

Any tennis fans interested in volunteering over their leave?

The County Association is assisting with the running of this new prestigious event being held between 26th - 30th June 2017.  It is likely to attract a significant number of women ranked in the world top 100.


We are looking for volunteers to assist with stewarding and possibly driving players from a neighbouring hotel to the courts.

The stewarding role will involve directing spectators, operating an ‘information stand’, selling programmes, answering questions, assisting people with access to the seating stand and controlling access to change of ends, litter picking, incident and problem reporting to the Head Steward.


Cars are being provided and full insurance cover will be in place from the LTA.  Drivers must have good local road knowledge, a clean driving licence & be over 25.


We are looking for volunteers who can give their time for between 1 and 5 days to cover these important but interesting roles.  Up to 8 stewards per day will be required and 2 – 3 drivers.


All volunteers will receive:


- T-shirt and / or sweatshirt / waterproof jacket depending on the role

- Daily meal / drinks vouchers

- Any reasonable out of pocket expenses (travelling expenses)


 - Basic training will be given either on the practice day (26th June) or early on the first day involved, as appropriate.


If you are interested and able to give your time, and be involved in what will be an exciting and prestigious event, please can you indicate your availability by completing the attached spreadsheet (for the spreadsheet click here) and returning it to Sandra ( as soon as possible.


If you are aware of other volunteers at your clubs, work etc who may be interested in assisting then please make enquiries & forward expression of interest to Sandra.


Richard Cutler will be discussing the tournament in more detail at the forthcoming Council Meeting and should be able to answer any questions arising.


I do hope that we can rely on your support for what will be the

biggest Tournament in the County for many years.

If interested please apply ASAP!

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