Inter-Services 'B' Championships 2019

Mens 'B' Championships

Army - 1st

Royal Navy - 2nd

Royal Air Force - 3rd

* Army - 2019 Mens 'B'

Inter-Services Tennis Champions

A Tri-Service Event


Ladies 'B' Championships

Army - 1st

Royal Air Force - 2nd

Royal Navy - 3rd

* Army - 2019 Ladies 'B'

Inter-Services Tennis Champions

The 2019 Inter-Services 'B' Tennis Champs was held at the Aldershot Indoor TC where play over the period Sat 30 & Sun 31 March 2019.

2019 Inter-Services 'B' Championships Report

The Army Men continued there dominance from last year winning the title again by a country mile; congratulations to the team.

Another year on it's fantastic to see some new faces to both squads; one of the new players is Lt Sam Robbins.

The Army Ladies put up another huge fight learning from last years defeat securing a fantastic win this time.

The last doubles match was the key one to win and the final decider; well played RNLTA Ladies (see additional report below)..

​Army Ladies Report - 2019 Championships

Training was on Fri 29 Mar 19 at the Aldershot Tennis Centre for the Army Ladies ‘B’ Squad in preparation for the 2019 Inter-Services ‘B’ Championships.., the session involved consistency drills with a lot of singles and doubles scenarios. James the ALTA Ladies Coach had a great opportunity to go through the key tactics with the team and he was impressed overall with the standard of play by everyone.

A huge thank you goes to the players’ respective units chain of command for facilitating their release as well as the

ALTA Committee for their continued support in the team’s development.

Day 1 - Singles:

Cpl Hannah Bacon continued as the No. 1 seed for the second year running and had a fantastic first round beating the RAF by outclassing her opponent with consistency in 2 sets. For the second match she did lose to a Navy 'A' player their No.1 at this Event as she is now back playing.., it was to our teams delight that she did get a set off her but lost 6-4 & 2-6 & 6-1. As for the No. 2 seed; she lost to the RAF 7-5 & 6-4 but smashed it beating the Navy 6-2 & 6-2 getting a key win for the team.., the final standings at the end of Day 1 are RN - 3 / Army - 2 / RAF - 1 - the following day will see the conclusion of the tournament with the remaining doubles matches.


Day 2 - Doubles:

Maj Clare Griffiths & Cpl Muthoni Ligale joined forces for the first time in doubles, but it were there second match they lost to a very experienced RAF side who have played doubles together for years (could be on veterans team too). However this didn’t matter at all as they smashed it against the Navy with Claire's great athleticism & volleys and with Muthoni’s brilliant volleys & serves getting another critical win! Cpl Hannah Bacon and her partner got the chance to show case their doubles in match play beating the RAF in two sets putting the coaching taught more so in La Manga into practice. The aim was to have the same approach against the strong Navy side with their star player involved with a steady ish partner, therefore it was time for the critical match of the day to start for the Ladies. It was a shaky start as we knew the importance to win, but even being down a break we managed to turn it around. The key was more aggression and positivity along with Katie’s brilliant encouragement & advice. That helped us pull it back to 3-3 staying to our game plan (Coaches ideas) we then started to dominate winning it with the deep balls and volley approach ensuring any lobs that were smashable were taken; some were missed but more success.., in the end we helped to secure the teams win 6-4 & 6-2 and capitalise on their victories as well.

Final Results - Summary:

The Army team handled themselves fantastically well all weekend, both on and off the court. They thoroughly deserved to win the tournament with a first rate work ethic, team spirit, willingness to learn and compete. Many congratulations to both teams #TheDouble

Written by Cpl Hannah Bacon Army Ladies 'B' Tennis Player

Final Team Scores 🏆

- Ladies Final Team Scores:

Army = 5
Army = 4
RN = 3

- Men Final Team Scores:

Army = 7
RN = 4
RAF = 1


* More photos and videos of the Event can be found on Facebook starting here or here

Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped us the Army run this Event.

ALTA were delighted that we could host this Event at the Aldershot Tennis Centre after so many years out.

We look forward to seeing you at the Inter-Services 'B' next year, which will be hosted by the RAF @ Halton TC.


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