Hurlingham Mens June 2017 - Fixture

Army Mens vs The Hurlingham Club Men

10 June Friendly Fixture

The Army Men's Team played away at The Hurlingham Club on Sat 10 Jun 17 - a gloriously warm summer's day that had unfortunately been preceded by a night of rain, preventing the fixture from being played on the immaculate grass courts. This took little away from the stunning setting, however, particularly for the three players making their Hurlingham debuts - Spr Gregory, LCpl Evans and 2Lt Hadcock. They were joined by Cpl Dave Perry, Sgt 'Taff' Williams and Capt Jez Walter. A 50/50 balance of two -

and one-handed backhands, in fact.  


The fixture consisted purely of doubles, with each pair playing two sets against their opposing pair and one set against the other two pairs. 2Lt Hadcock and Cpl Perry, playing at No.1, defeated the Hurlingham No.2 and 3 pairs convincingly in swirling conditions, and split sets with their opposite number, narrowly losing the championship tie-break 10-12. LCpl Evans and Sgt Williams split sets with their opposing number as well - winning the 2nd set 7-5 to seal the Army's win - but also defeated the Hurlingham No.1 pair 7-6. Their rubber against the 3rd pair went unplayed due to time constraints, as was the case with Spr Gregory and Capt Walter's rubber against Hurlingham No.1 pair. They lost against the 2nd pair but split sets with the 3rd pair, ensuring that no Army pair

left empty handed and all contributed to the win.


In summary, a 7-5 win to the Army (though noting Hurlingham's generosity not to count unplayed sets - due to late arrivals - as walkovers), and a strong performance from all players. I would like to extend an immense thank you to the Hurlingham Club and team captain Peter Dowdeswell for accomodating us in their busy summer schedule,

and also for the generous match tea provided afterwards in the clubhouse,

which was enjoyed by players and supporters alike.


Representing the Army in this Mens Fixture were the following players:


- Capt Jez Walter RLC

- 2Lt Alex Hadcock TBC

- Sgt Alun 'Taff' Williams (AAC)

- Cpl Dave Perry (REME)

- LCpl Sam Evans (REME)

- Spr Matt Gregory (RE)

Army 1 Final Scores:


Army 1 vs Hurlingham 1 (ARMY) 6-1 & 2-6 (10-12)

Army 1 vs Hurlingham 2 (ARMY) 6-1 & 6-4

Army 1 vs Hurlingham 3 (ARMY) 6-4

Army 2 Final Scores:

Army 2 vs Hurlingham 1 (ARMY) 7-6

Army 2 vs Hurlingham 2 (DRAW) 4-6 & 7-5

Army 2 vs Hurlingham 3 (ARMY) N/P

Army 3 Final Scores:

Army 3 vs Hurlingham 1 (ARMY) N/P

Army 3 vs Hurlingham 2 (HURL) 3-6

Army 3 vs Hurlingham 3 (ARMY) 6-7 & 6-3

See photos below

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