Cambridge Mens May 2018 - Fixture

Army Mens vs Cambridge University Mens

10 May Friendly Fixture


The Army Mens Team hosted the Cambridge University Lawn Tennis Club at the Aldershot Tennis Centre on 10 May 18. The Army Team were in good form, if a little fatigued

following several days of highly competitive tennis at the Army Tennis

Championships completed during the same week.


Capt Ben Rogers managed to maintain his winning streak, winning both singles and doubles at Number 1, after claiming the Army Mens Open Singles and Doubles titles the previous day. There was a great deal of high quality tennis played throughout the afternoon, including two particularly narrow singles losses, which ultimately

made the difference to the end result of a 4-2 loss.


Despite the result, all players demonstrated their professional conduct on court and real potential towards securing victory at Inter-Services ‘A’ Championships at the end of the summer. Many congratulations to all players that were selected for this fixture. The next men’s match will be held against Radley College at RMAS on 07 Jun 18.

Representing the Army in this Mens Fixture were the following players:

- Capt Ben Rogers RA

- Lt Alex Hadcock TBC

- Cpl Dave Perry (REME)

- Lt Dan Hunt RIFLES

Singles Results:


- Army 1 vs Cambridge 1 (ARMY) 6-3 6-2

- Army 2 vs Cambridge 2 (CAM) 4-6 6-2 2-6

- Army 3 vs Cambridge (CAM) 3 4-6 6-7(6)

- Army 4 vs Cambridge 4 (CAM) 6-4 3-6 4-6

Doubles Results:

- Army 1 vs Cambridge 1 (ARMY) 6-1 6-1

- Army 2 vs Cambridge 2 (CAM) 4-6 4-6


See photo below

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