Adaptive 'Wheelchair' Tennis



Opportunities exist for participation in adaptive disability tennis including wheelchair tennis. Currently this is a Tri-Service activity with RN/RM, Army and RAF regular and ex servicemen/veterans participating jointly at varying activities. Throughout 2013, a number of adaptive tennis taster sessions occurred at Tedworth House, Catterick Personnel Recovery Centre and at the Delta Tennis Centre Swindon culminating in a wheelchair event at RAF Halton in July 2013.




In April 13, the first taster session occurred at the Delta Tennis Centre in Swindon arranged through the Tennis Foundation and Martin Colclough from Help for Heroes. Although only 2 wheelchair players attended, Andy Mcerlean (REME) and Luke Sinnott (RE), it was a start to the CS disability tennis season.

Richard Watkins (Centre) Head coach/Disability Coach of the Delta Tennis Centre Swindon with wheel chair players Luke Sinnott and Andy Mcerlean.

Combined Services Tennis Taster Event at the RAF Tennis Championships.

Tedworth House Taster Sessions


Further Tedworth House taster sessions occurred monthly utilizing the main hall in the Phoenix Centre supported by coaches from Andover Lawn Tennis Club. Additionally sessions were held at Catterick and opportunities were made available at Colchester Garrison Tennis Courts.


Combined Service Disability Tennis Event


On 27 Jul 13, Gp Capt Gosling organised a Combined Service (now UKAF Tennis) Disability Tennis Event organised at RAF Halton during the RAF Championships supported by the Chairman of RAF Tennis Air Vice-Marshal A K Mozumder. The event involved coaching sessions run by Maj Ian ‘Geordie’ Haigs, opportunities to play matches and then culminated in a wheelchair demonstration match between Andy Mcerlean and Marc Francis (Gosling) with Ex Army player Andy Mac coming out on top. This event was a success and it is hoped that a similar event will occur in 2014.

Future Events


Events are being planned for 2014/15/16 and further details will be promulgated soon but if you are interested and wish to find out more details then please contact Vicky Gosling at the details below.


Adaptive Tennis Contact Details:


Vicky Gosling on 07545 474203 or via email

Ian 'Geordie' Haigs on 07527 943028 or email

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