Ladies Inter-Corps One Day Tournament & Try Tennis Event 2019

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Such a fantastic turn out today!!!
We hope you all had a fantastic time :-)
Tournament Winners
Congratulations go to P & Amelia
Tournament Runners Up
Congratulations to Hannah & Muthoni
The Organisers
A huge thank you goes to members of the ALTA Committee!!! Penny who organised this Event along with the running the Tournament, 'Geordie' & Dave plus Coach Allson who ran the morning sessions and Ann & Bill who did all the behind the scenes admin.
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Volley Drills
Cardio tennis...
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2019 Ladies Inter-Corps One Day Tournament & Try Tennis Event Report



To everyone who took part in the Ladies One Day Event & to the Winners and Runners Up 💪🏆👏

On Tue 21 May 19, 4 RN players and 8 Army Ladies players took to the Aldershot courts for some intense training followed by a small competition. This Event is run predominately to raise awareness for Ladies tennis and identify new players in the Army but inviting both the other 2 services means that camaraderie amongst Ladies tennis as a whole can be developed and fostered.


The morning started with 3 separate training events which everyone rotated through. Lt Col 'Geordie' Haigs ran an exhilarating cardio tennis session (or a cardiac session as some people called it!), Cpl Dave Perry ran a doubles masterclass (dominate that centre part of the net!) and individuals and pairs were also able to have a 1:1 session with the Level 3 LTA coach Allson who worked on specific elements of their game as required.

The sun was out all day (great sun tans all around) so many water stops were required to ensure we all kept fully hydrated.  After a well-deserved lunch, we got stuck into the competition. A few newcomers arrived for the afternoon event which was great, so after the coaches had paired everyone as fairly as possible, the grudge matches began! We played best of 7 games and everyone played each other to get maximum game time. There was some excellent games of tennis where everyone put into practice the skills and drills learnt that morning but there can only be one winning pair… OCdt Amelia Davies and Lt RN Persephone Hagan won the overall competition with this years Indoor champion, Cpl Hannah Bacon and Cpl Muthoni Ligale as the runners up.

Thank you to everyone who took time off to come and participate as well as Lt Col 'Geordie' Haigs and Cpl Dave Perry who generously gave their time to come and provide such specialist coaching. However, most importantly, such events do not happen without the dedication and support of the ASCB and special thanks must go to Mrs Ann Herlihy and Lt Col (Ret'd) Bill Herlihy who facilitated the event though generous ASCB funding and produced the prizes. We look forward to the RN running the next Event ☀️🎾😀


Testimonial - “Taking part in the Ladies Taster Day was my first exposure to Army Tennis, and I can honestly say that I’m so happy that I attended. It has opened so many doors for me to play the sport that I love in an environment that I would like to be a part of in the future. The next step for me now is playing in the Army Championships in a few weeks, and then hopefully getting to play more matches in the future.” - OCdt Amelia Davies

Keep your eyes open for details of next year’s Event which will take place in May 20.

Video One - Ladies Only Event 2019


Main Video - Ladies Only Event 2019

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