Army 'Indoor' Championships 2019

Our Sponsors Trinity
Trinity's Represenative presented the prizes; 10th year supporting British Army Tennis and this Event!
Mens Singles Winner
Capt Ben Rogers
Mens Singles Runner Up
2Lt Reece Munnery
Our Sponsors MANTIS
Many thanks to Martin and MANTIS for always supporting our Events such great offers for our Army Players...
Ladies Singles Winner
Cpl Hannah Bacon
Ladies Singles Runner Up
Sgt Hilary Greig
Appreciation Award
British Army Tennis wanted to show our appreciation to one of our long time serving coaches who is now set for retirement. We wish Coach Allan Saul and his wife Kim the best of luck for the future.
Mens Masters Singles Winner
Sgt Joe Martey
Mens Masters Singles Runner Up
Lt Col (Ret'd) 'Bill' Herlihy
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2019 Army 'Indoor' Championships Report

The annual Army 'Indoor' Tennis Championships took place at the Aldershot Tennis Centre from 28 Feb to 1 Mar 19. For everyone involved it was a great chance to enjoy the latest renovations that have begun at our centre with more developments to follow so please watch the space! It was also a fantastic turnout considering several top players were absent more so on the Ladies front. There were separate singles competitions for Mens, Ladies and Mens Masters. It was great to see some new players holding the trophies this year. Additionally this was an ideal opportunity for the ALTA Chairman to show all our appreciation and thanks from everyone at British Army Tennis to one of our long time serving coaches who is now set for retirement. We wish Coach Allan Saul and his wife Kim the best of luck for the future.

For the Mens Masters Final it was a closely fought contest between two uniquely different styles of tennis. However it was the harder hitting Sgt Joe Martey who came out on top against the consistency of Lt Col (Ret'd) 'Bill' Herlihy 4-6 & 6-2 & 10-7. 

In the Ladies draw it included the Ladies Masters with one appearing in the Semi Finals. The Ladies Final was a clash of the titans between two players who have competed for this title numerous times before. However this year saw a first time win for Cpl Hannah Bacon against Sgt Hilary Greig, much to her delight. Both players relied on their consistency to out match one another, making for some long enjoyable rallies which left the crowd unable to look away. Cpl Bacon did prove too strong overall with a 6-1 & 6-4 win, but well done to both! 


The Mens Final saw the Army Mens captain going head to head against one of his fellow team mates for the chance to be crowned Indoor Champion.  Capt Ben Rogers, who has not lost a set to an Army player since 2014, continued to prove his dominance on the court ultimately beating 2Lt Reece Munnery 6-4 & 6-4. The match was a wash with hard hitting serves to delicate touch from both sides leaving the crowd wanting more, but Capt Rogers proved too strong on the big points for another year. The 2019 results and scores are as follows:

- Mens Final: Capt Ben Rogers RA beat 2Lt Reece Munnery RAC: 6-4 & 6-4

- Ladies Final: Cpl Hannah Bacon (AGC(SPS) beat Sgt Hilary Greig (AMS): 6-1 & 6-4

- Mens Masters Final: Sgt Joe Martey beat Lt Col (Ret'd) 'Bill' Herlihy: 4-6 & 6-2 & 10-7

​​- Appreciation Award: Coach Allan Saul & Mrs Kim Saul

* Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped to run this Event,

we hope to see you all next year and at another tennis Event soon.

* A huge thank you goes to Mantis and Talk to Trinity for their continued support; it’s been 10 years for Trinity supporting the 'Indoors'.

* A special thank you now goes to the umpires who helped professionalise this Event.

* Many thanks also to Jonathan Fowke from JPF Sports Media for the video montage and photos here

* Laslty many thanks goes to the Event Organiser; Maj Greig Taylor for taking the lead and running another successful Championships 🎾

Keep your eyes open for details of next year’s Event which will take place in early Feb 20.

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Mens Masters Singles Runner Up

Lt Col (Ret'd) 'Bill' Herlihy