Inter-Services 'B' Championships 2018

Mens 'B' Championships

Army - 1st

Royal Navy - 2nd

Royal Air Force - 3rd

* Army - 2018 Mens 'B'

Inter-Services Tennis Champions

A Tri-Service Event

Ladies 'B' Championships

Royal Air Force - 1st

Army - 2nd

Royal Navy - 3rd

* Royal Air Force - 2018 Ladies 'B'

Inter-Services Tennis Champions

The 2018 Inter-Services 'B' Tennis Champs was held at the Porsmouth Indoor TC where play over the period Sat 21 & Sun 22 April 2018.

2018 Inter-Services 'B' Championships Report

The Army Men were on fire winning by a mile congratulations to all them all (see additional report below).

This year we had some new faces to both Squads; 2Lt Dan Hunt and Cpl Muthoni Ligale.


The Army Ladies put up a huge fight falling short by one set overall.

The last doubles match was key and the decider well played RAFLTC Ladies.

​Army Mens Report - 2018 Championships

Training started on Tue 17 Apr 18 for the Army Mens ‘B’ Squad at the Aldershot Tennis Centre in preparation for the 2018 Inter-Services ‘B’ Championships.., the session consisted of dynamic footwork exercises, consistency drills and singles matchplay. The players that attended demonstrated a consistently high work rate throughout, which will pay dividends during the competition. The remainder of the training will be focused on doubles tactics and techniques, a variety of singles match formats and fitness based on court training

in order to fine tune the standard of the team before heading south for the weekend.

Many thanks to the players’ respective units chain of command for facilitating their release as well as the

ALTA Committee for their continued support in the team’s development.


Day 1 - Singles:


Today was the first day of the 2018 Inter-Services ‘B’ Championships held at the Portsmouth Tennis Academy, home of Royal Navy tennis. The first match of the day saw Simon Killips take on the RN number 1 seed, Tom Holloway, in a thrilling encounter that lasted almost three hours. After some brutal long exchanges and impressive resolve under pressure the Army emerged victorious with a hard fought 6-4 & 7-6 (2) win. Following this match was Dan Hunt, an Army debutant at the number two position. Dan has a wealth of experience playing junior tennis and university matches for Exeter; he used these acquired skills on multiple occasions during today’s play. He took the Army two steps closer to victory with impressive wins over the RN 2 and RAF 2; 6-3 & 6-2 & 6-1 6-4 respectively. The final match of the day was another epic encounter involving the Army number one, Simon Killips. Despite a slow start, perhaps feeling the effects of the previous match, there was a clear injection of energy and will to win. After modifying his game plan, coupled with some remarkable set plays the Army secured a first rate win, 2-6 & 6-2 & 6-4. The final standings at the end of Day 1 are Army - 4 / RAF - 1 / RN - 1


The next day saw the conclusion of the tournament with the remaining doubles matches.


Day 2 - Doubles started positively:

Today was the culmination of the 2018 Inter-Services ‘B’ Championships, with all three Services doing battle on the doubles courts. The order of play promulgated dictated that the Army number one pair, consisting of Simon Killips and Matt Gregory, were to face off against the RN first pair and then the RAF pair in consecutive matches. Both performances by the Army number one team bordered on faultless tennis, steam rolling both opponents 6-1 & 6-1. They executed textbook doubles tactics with a fierce ball striking ability from all corners of the court. A credit to the Army and to themselves for their attitude and composure throughout the whole day. Following this imposing start was Dan Hunt and Oliver Constance-Bottomley whom produced a thrilling match against the RN second pair. The Army team’s reliable serve and volley combinations, coupled with their disciplined approach to tactics sealed their victory, 6-3 & 6-4. Their subsequent match was a more turbulent affair with many countless momentum shifts. The RAF pair struggled initially but gained more and more confidence as the match progressed. The match went the distance with the RAF pair emerging victorious 6-4 & 4-6 & 6-4

after some clinical shots and an obvious resilience to the Army’s probing play.


Final Results - Summary:


The Army team acquitted themselves fantastically all weekend, both on and off the court. They thoroughly deserved to win the tournament with a first rate work ethic, camaraderie and willingness to compete. Many congratulations.

Written by Capt Ben Rogers Army Mens 'B' Tennis Captain

Final Team Scores 🏆

- Ladies Final Team Scores:

RAF = 5 (12 sets)
Army = 5 (11 sets)
RN = 2

- Men Final Team Scores:

Army = 7
RN = 3
RAF = 2


* More photos of the Event can be found on Facebook starting here or here or here or here or here or here


Many thanks to all the players that took part and to the RNLTA who helped run and host this Event.

We appreciated their great facilities at the Portsmouth Tennis Academy.

We look forward to seeing you at the Inter-Services 'B' next year, which will be hosted by us the Army @ Aldershot TC.

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