Inter-Corps One Day 'Summer' Competition 18 July 2018

Anyone for Corps tennis..?
Comp Winners - RA
Comp Runners Up - INF
Many thanks to the Comp Organiser...
... SSgt Andy Bickerton who ran a succesful Event!
Comp Winners - Team RA
Comp Runners Up - Team INF
INF getting congratulated - by the ALTA Chairman
Coaches Appreciation Writeup
Many thanks to Coach Allan Saul for his commitment throughout the years...
Coaches Appreciation Award
Congratulations go to Coach Allan Saul for this Award
M. thxs to all our loyal sponsors...
... here features one of them supporting this Tournament; such great discounts for MANTIS sport tennis kit - more details on our website @ or try out a MANTIS racket at a future tennis Event 😀🎾📸☀️
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2017 Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition Report

Many teams participated in the Inter-Corps One Day 'Summer' Competition held at the Aldershot Tennis Centre, where lots of fantastic matches were played overall. The presentations followed to finish the day for the Competition itself and for the Summer League.


'Winter' Competition Winners:


Congratulations to the RA (Royal Artillery)

'Winter' Competition Runners Up:

Congratulations to the INF (Infantry)

Coaches Appreciation Award:

Congratulations go to Coach Allan Saul:

Video One features the speech by ALTA Chairman for Allan - click here to view

Video Two features the speech presentation by Army Ladies Tennis Captain for Allan - click here to view

Congratulations go to the RA - 2018 Inter-Corps One Day 'Summer' Competition Winners

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