Army 'Indoor' Championships 2018

Our Sponsors Trinity
Trinity's Represenative presented the prizes
Mens Singles Winner
Lt Alex Hadcock
Mens Singles Runner Up
LCpl Dave Perry
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Action Shots
Ladies Singles Winner
Maj Fiona Welborn
Ladies Singles Runner Up
Capt Amy Roberts
Best Newcomer
Pte Aaron Mayhead
Mens Masters Singles Winner
Brig Darrell Amison
Mens Masters Singles Runner Up
Lt Col 'Geordie' Haigs
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2018 Army 'Indoor' Championships Report

The annual Army 'Indoor' Tennis Championships took place at the Aldershot Tennis Centre from 07 to 09 Feb 18. It was great to have our Event back at our tennis centre with another great turnout - very good considering several top players were away on duty or operations. There were separate singles competitions for Mens, Ladies and Masters. The holders of the Mens title from 2016 was deployed overseas so this year provided an opportunity for a new name on the trophy. The Mens final was contested by two players who have been part of the Army Team set up for a while and they both produced some high quality tennis with Lt Alex Hadcock INT taking the win over LCpl Dave Perry (REME). In the Ladies draw which included the Ladies Masters, Maj Fiona Welborn AMS beat Capt Amy Barker AGC(ETS) to retain the title for the third time in a row; great acheivement. The Mens Masters Event saw new faces in the final as the 'favourite' was not available to fight for the title. With a great final Brig Darrell Amison overpowered Lt Col 'Geordie' Haigs and took the win claiming the title for the first time. The trophy for Best Newcomer was awarded to Pte Aaron Mayhead (R.ANGLIAN). The 2018 results and scores are as follows:

- Mens Final: Lt Alex Hadcock beat LCpl Dave Perry (REME): 6 - 3 & 6 - 2

- Ladies Final: Maj Fiona Welborn AMS beat Capt Amy Roberts AGC(ETS): 6 – 0 & 6 – 1

- Mens Masters Final: Brig Darrell Amison beat Lt Col 'Geordie' Haigs: 7 – 6 & 6 – 1

​​- Best Newcomer: Pte Aaron Mayhead (R.ANGLIAN)

* Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped to run this Event,

we hope to see you all next year and at another tennis Event soon.

* Many thanks to Jonathan Fowke from JPF Sports Media for the video montage and photos here or here

* Lastly a huge thank you goes to Talk to Trinity for their continued support along with the umpires who helped

professionalise this Event, and to the new Event Organiser; Maj Greig Taylor for taking the lead and running a succesful Championships 🎾

Keep your eyes open for details of next year’s Event which will take place in early Feb 19.

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