Army 'Summer' Championships 2017

The Prizes!
Who won one of these?
Mens Open Singles Winner
Lt Scott Sears
Mens Open Singles Runner Up
2Lt Alex Hadcock
Spr Simon Killips
Action Shot
Ladies Open Singles Winner
Capt Preet Chandi
Ladies Open Singles Runner Up
Maj Fiona Welborn
2Lt Alex Hadcock
Action Shot
Mens Open Doubles Winners
Lt Scott Sears & LCpl Taraman Gurung
Mens Open Doubles Runners Up
Capt Tristan Williams & Cpl Dave Perry
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2017 Army Champs' Championships Report


Congratulations to this years Winners & Runners Up 🏆


- Photos + x1 video montage (see below) by JPF Sports Media - Jonathan Fowke

- Video coverage by BFBS TV & Forces TV (see below) - by Julian Evans


Summary & Results:


That concludes another 5 days of fantastic tennis.


​​For the Results take a look at the photos above.


Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped to run this Event,

we hope to see you all next year and at another tennis Event soon.


* Many thanks to Jonathan Fowke from JPF Sports Media for the #Photos @ #PartOne #PartTwo #OfficalPhotos

* More photos of the Event can be found on Facebook starting here or here or here or here or here

- Lastly Thales, Mantis and Team Army; many thanks for your continued support.


Keep your eyes open for details of next year’s Event which will take place end of May 18.

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