Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition 08 March 2017

TA returning to the RLC fold...
... great to have him back!
Comp Winners - INT
Comp Runners Up - INF
2nd strings of the INT and RE...
... excellent match which was won by the INT
1st strings of the INF and AMS...
... respectively prior to their Semi Final clash which the INF won to reach the final against the INT
Sgt Dave Carnall leading his team...
... to victory in the One Day Tournament
No1 strings of INT and RE...
... prior to their match; best match of the day
Maj Welborn and Pte Munnery
Fiona (current Army Champion) and Reece (top Army singles player) sharing a lighter moment before the INF vs AMS encounter
AAC Team prior to taking to court
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2017 Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition Report

9 x teams participated in the Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition at the Indoor Mountbatten Tennis Centre in Portsmouth, 60 matches were played in total. The presentations followed to finish the day for the Competition itself and for the Winter League.


Group one:


- INF 10 points
- RE 8 points
- RLC 4 points
- AAC 2 points


Group two:


- INT 16 points
- AMS 6 points *
- AGC 6 points
- R. SIGS 6 points
- REME 6 points

* AMS were group runners up on the most games won


In the Semi Finals the INT beat the RE and the INF beat the AMS.

In the Final the INF A team beat the INT A with a score of 4-3 but INT B team beat the INF 6-1.

Therefore on the totality of the game the INT beat the INF 10-4 to become Champions of the Inter Corps Indoor Tournament.

Congratulations go to the INT - 2017 Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition Winners

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