Army 'Indoor' Championships 2017

Our Sponsors Trinity
Trinity's Mr Vic Baker presented the prizes
Mens Singles Winner
Capt Ben Rogers
Mens Singles Runner Up
Pte Reece Munnery
Collage One
Action Shots
Ladies Singles Winner
Maj Fiona Welborn
Ladies Singles Runner Up
Sgt Hilary Greig
Collage Two
Action Shots
Most Improved
Sgt John Cadwell
Best Newcomer
2Lt Steph Hislop
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2017 Army 'Indoor' Championships Report

The annual Army 'Indoor' Tennis Championships took place at the Mountbatten Tennis Centre from 08 to 10 Feb 17. This year saw a healthy number entries - very good considering it was held in Portsmouth as our Centre was not in full use. There were two separate singles competitions for both the Mens and the Ladies. The holder of the Mens title from 2016 could not be in attendance so a new Champion was on the cards. For the Ladies this was a chance for her to regain her title. The Mens final was contested by 2 Army 'A' Team players who produced an exceptionally high standard of tennis. Capt Ben Rogers RA was just too strong for Pte Reece Munnery (PARA) only losing 4 games throughout the whole Championships. In the Ladies draw it was a rematch of last years' final, Maj Fiona Welborn AMS beat Sgt Hilary Greig (AMS) again to claim her second 'Indoors' title. The trophy for 'Most Improved' was awarded to Sgt John Cadwell (AMS) and the Best Newcomer trophy was presented to 2Lt Steph Hislop. The 2017 results and scores are as follows:

- Mens Final: Capt Ben Rogers RA beat Pte Reece Munnery (PARA): 6 - 1 & 6 - 2

- Ladies Final: Maj Fiona Welborn AMS beat Sgt Hilary Greig (AMS): 6 – 0 & 6 – 1

- Most Improved : Sgt John Cadwell (AMS)

- Best Newcomer: 2Lt Steph Hislop RA

* Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped to run this Event,

we hope to see you all next year and at another tennis Event soon.

* Many thanks to Jonathan Fowke from JPF Sports Media for the video montage and photos here @ #ActionPhotos

* More photos of the Event can be found on Facebook starting here or here or here

* Lastly a huge thank you goes to Talk to Trinity for their continued support along with the umpires who helped

professionalise this Event, and to Mountbatten Tennis Centre for letting ALTA host it there 🎾

Keep your eyes open for details of next year’s Event which will take place in early Feb 18.

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