Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition 16 March 2016

Competition Organiser
Many thanks to Maj Ian 'Geordie' Haigs for organising this Event
Comp Winners - REME
Comp Runners Up - AGC
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2016 Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition Report


The REME successfully defended their Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition title and have now claimed the last 3

Inter-Corps One Day Competition titles. The Competition itself had 14 full teams and several rotating reserve players (circa 55 players) competing at the ATC in Aldershot. Teams were split between 2 groups with the winner in each group going into the final playing off for first and second. In the Wimbledon group, the REME dominated with A pairing only losing one match and the B pairing winning all 6 matches with the INF and RE coming second and third respectively (with the same final points) but 5 points behind the REME. In the US Open group, the competition was closer but the AGC edged it by one point with the A pair winning 4 from 6 and B pair winning all 6 matches. They just pipped the AAC by one point and the RLC 2 team by 2 points. The REME and AGC played in the final with the REME winning both matches 5-2 and 4-3 in an identical winning final score to their last final, to retain the Inter Corps One Day tournament title. Great result for the AGC who celebrated getting to a cup final but also were recently narrowly relegated from the A Division in the winter league.., showing the ups and downs of sport. The group tables are below should you wish to look at the detail.


Congratulations go to the REME - 2016 Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Competition Winners

Inter-Corps One Day 'Winter' Finals Tables 2016

US Open Group

AGC Group Winners

2 points for a win, 1 for a draw (no breaks of serve), 0 for a defeat.

Teams on the same final points were decided by head to head result.

Wimbledon Group

REME Group Winners

FINAL: REME A 4 vs AGC A 3 & REME B 5 vs AGC B 2

REME win 9 rubbers to 5

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