Inter-Corps One Day 'Summer' Competition 13 July 2016

2016 Inter-Corps One Day 'Summer' Competition Report


SSgt Andy Bickerton ran a very successful One Day Tournament to conclude the end of the Inter Corps Summer League season.


The REME added to their Winter One Day title and successfully defended their One Day Inter Corps Summer tournament title and have now claimed the last 4 One Day Inter Corps tournament titles. They now hold 3 of the 4 Inter Corps trophies and will be gunning to take the Sappers Winter League title off them to have a clean sweep of trophies.

The Inter Corps Summer tournament had 13 full teams and several rotating reserve players (circa 55 players) competing at the Aldershot Tennis Centre (ATC). Teams were split between 2 groups with the winner in each group going into the final playing off for first and second.


In the Wimbledon group, the REME dominated with A pairing only losing one match and the B pairing winning all 5 matches with the INF and RE coming second and third respectively which is an identical positioning to the last Winter League event.

In the US Open group, the competition was closer but the AAC edged it by two points with the A pair winning 6 from 6 and B pair winning 5 from 6 matches. They just pipped the AGC by two points. This was a direct reversal of the last winter tournament where the AGC just got the better of the AAC.

The REME and AGC played in the final with the AAC winning 7-5 against the REME A but with the REME B winning 6-3, the REME took the title on games won 11-10.

Congratulations go to the REME - 2016 Inter-Corps One Day 'Summer' Competition Winners

Competition Organiser
Many thanks to SSgt Andy Bickerton for organising this Event
Comp Winners - REME
Comp Runners Up - AAC
The Prizes
Who Won?
Players at Presentation
Congratulations to all that took part!
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Inter-Corps One Day 'Summer' Finals Tables 2016

US Open Group

AAC Group Winners

2 points for a win, 1 for a draw (no breaks of serve), 0 for a defeat.

Teams on the same final points were decided by head to head result.

Wimbledon Group

REME Group Winners

FINAL: REME A 5 vs AAC A 7 & REME B 6 vs AGC B 3

REME win 11 rubbers to 10

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