Inter-Services 'A' Championships 2015

Mens 'A' Championships


Royal Navy - 8
Army - 7
Royal Air Force - 3

* RN - 2015 Mens 'A'

Inter-Services Tennis Champions


Mens 'Masters' Championships


Army - 6

Royal Air Force - 3

Royal Navy - 0

* ARMY - 2015 Mens 'Masters'

Inter-Services Tennis Champions

The 2015 Inter-Services 'A' Tennis Champs was held at the AELTC, Wimbledon where play was over the period Mon 03 & Tue 04 Aug 2015.

A Tri-Service Event

Ladies 'A' Championships


Army - 11
Royal Navy - 5

Royal Air Force - 2

* ARMY - 2015 Ladies 'A'

Inter-Services Tennis Champions


Ladies 'Masters' Championships


Royal Navy - 4

Royal Air Force - 3

Army - 2

* RN - 2015 Ladies 'Masters'

Inter-Services Tennis Champions

2015 Inter-Services 'A' Championships Report


The Mens 'A' Championships went right down to the wire and was all decided in the 3rd set of the final doubles match between the Royal Navy and Army third pairs which the Royal Navy deservingly won. LCpl James Herbert Royal Marine who won all four matches throughout both days was the dominant player in the final rubber and turned the match and championships in the Royal Navy’s

favour. Some excellent performances from our leading Army players of note:


- O/Cdt Scott Sears – won 3 out of 4 matches which was extremely commendable as he was playing at No 1 string in

both singles and doubles. When you factor in that he has hardly played in the last 12

months due to RMAS training his performance was excellent.


- Cpl Lawrence Tere (AMS) – won 4 out of 4 matches – a very classy player who is always a joy to watch.


- Pte Reece Munnery (PARA) – won 2 out of 2 matches – only 19 years of age and a player that will continue to

develop during the coming years.


- Both our first and second strings doubles on the second day were unbeaten.


The Army Ladies were again extremely strong and both Lt Preet Chandi AMS (Army Champion past 2 years) and Maj Fiona Welborn AMS continued to maintain their 100% win ratio at IS Tennis level – both won 4 out of 4 matches at this year’s Championships thus matching last year’s performance. Sgt Abi Hanifin (INT), in her final IS Championships prior to leaving the Army also finished

with 4 wins out of 4 and this was a fitting way to round off her military tennis playing career. The Ladies were

so dominant that they only lost one match during the Championships.


In summary; it was an excellent climax to ALTA’s summer season and although slightly disappointed not to capture the Men’s title it is often good for IS level sport that the honours are shared around. If I was to back one team to win at the 2016 IS Tennis Championships it would be the Mens 'A' – we are building up some real talent and depth in the squad under the captaincy of Lt Ben Rogers RA. This year they were hindered by Scott Sears' lack of match practice and an injury to Ben Rogers RA (2015 Army Champion).

* Many thanks to Jonathan Fowke from JPF Sports Media for the video montage (see above) and photos here @ #ActionPhotos

* More photos of the Event can be found on Facebook starting here or here or here or here

However; from a UK Armed Forces Tennis perspective it is great to see some

real quality tennis players across all three Services.

Congratulations to all our players, we look forward to competing again at the Inter-Services 'A' in 2016.

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